Month: April 2018

Baker’s Fabulous Photos de Paris

It’s such a joy to photograph Paris because around every corner another breathtaking sight stops you in your tracks. As you wander through the city you are surrounded by stunning architecture, intriguing people and eye-catching oddities. A trip to The City of Lights is something you’ll surely never forget and I will forever be jealous of those who get to experience this city for the first time. Bring your camera – preferably one that’s not also a phone. These photos were taken with my Fujifilm X100-F which is a relatively small 35mm fixed focal length camera that takes incredible photos.

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Episode 9: The Paris Special: I Only Shower in America!

Everyone’s going to Paris! Coincidentally, both Adam and Baker took Spring Break trips to Paris, so here’s an episode all about the City of Lights. Hear each family’s highlights, hard-earned tips for traveling abroad with kids, and where not to order salmon tartare.

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Episode 8: Mom, can you buy me condoms?

Adam and Baker sit down in the Man Cave with John Mueller, a fellow stay at home dad and part-time ukelele player. The guys discuss a whole mess of acronyms including ADHD, MIDI, BOSS ES-8, and of course being a SAHD. John’s son is in middle school, so he preps us for some of the exciting things we have to look forward to (e.g. the title of this episode).

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From The Depths of Despair: A Tale of Miata Racing

In Episode 6, I tell a recent story of despair and redemption that traces the ups and downs of a recent racing weekend. Every month or two, I trailer up and drag my race car to the middle of the California desert to compete against other madmen like myself. Racing is a lot of work, and it’s usually all worth it once the green flag drops. Occasionally, the equipment lets you down (it happens to everyone) and a great weekend of racing turns into a sad slog home. Here’s the story from Ep6 with a little more detail.

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Episode 7: Daddy needs a break.

This week Baker reveals some very personal news. We talk about nutrition, diets and “Imposter Syndrome.” And who-da-thunk… the SAHD is making a presence in movies an television like never before!

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Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park can be heaven or hell depending on when you go – and we went at just the right time. It had rained a few weeks prior and the spring temperature was ‘room temp’ perfect. We hiked back to Barker Dam, a 1.1 mile loop to an ephemeral lake, and were please to find the lake was actually there – thanks, rain!  Joshua Tree is a stunning place to visit and photograph as long as the heat isn’t suffocating. Add this place to your must visit list!

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Episode 6: I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

Ryan Raddatz joins the pod to discuss raising compassionate kids, our recent lame injuries, Miata racing, the virtues of a programmable coffee maker and the importance of emergency supply kits.

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