Month: June 2018

Oh Ya, It’s The Tequila Talkin’ w/ Kent Rees

The hysterical Kent Rees, fellow Minnesota homie, brings a bottle to the session resulting in the first episode done under the influence of tequila. This high octane show veers off on strange and fascinating tangents including, but not limited to: Prince’s ashes, Minnesota nice, child barfers, “Operation Don’t Raise A Douchebag”, Organ Trail, TV marketing, Fathers Day, messing up Mother’s Day, existentialist cats and is supper elite?

Allowance Regimes w/ Chris Nowak

One episode wasn’t enough to bring you all Chris Nowak had to offer. In the second half of our conversation, we discuss the best ways to give kids money (and to take it back from them); Chris makes a really, really good argument for letting your kids play football; and Adam and Chris relive the glory of their 50-person ribeye grilling triumph. If you missed Part I, be sure to go back and check it out!


Here’s the article that Chris references in the football discussion:

Little Drunk Jockey Arms w/ Chris Nowak

Baker and Adam sit down with Chris Nowak, a fellow dad and Executive Producer on Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger. Chris’ pendulum of fatherhood swings from 70hr/week workaholic when the show is shooting to full-time stay at home dad and husband during his hiatus. In Part 1 of this epic chat we explore the mystery of getting kids in and out of the car, the Oedipus Complex, and find out who got kicked out of the family by their own child. All this and Little Drunk Jockey Arms!