“Meth” is My Kick of the Week

Hey hey … we’re back on our every-other-week schedule! In this episode it’s just us rapping about motivation. We explore the importance of motivation in accomplishing important stuff like exercising, practicing a sport, learning an instrument, going out with friends, or anything else that’s worth your time. Plus, a guys’ perspective on the Parents’ Association, and an update on Baker’s ADD treatment.

Someone Call Me a Lüber w/ Zach Selwyn

It’s been over a month since our last episode and Baker was in the editing bay crafting what could possibly be our best episode yet! This week we’re off the rails with writer/comedian/country singer/freestyle rapper and co-host of the popular podcast Missi & Zach Might Bang! Zach Selwyn ( Zach is a national treasure and we hope you enjoy this insane conversation. There are FIVE original songs (some improvised), countless tangents, and a few parenting tidbits. Have fun!

Zach’s hit podcast: Missi & Zach Might Bang! 

Zach’s band plays THIS Saturday (10/13) at Pappy & Harriet’s: Pappy & Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace


Ep 22 Promo: You got Andy Dicked! w/ Zach Selwyn

So, it’s been a while since we posted and here’s why: We had the very talented comedian, musician and co-host of the popular podcast Missi and Zach Might Bang!, Zach Selwyn on the show and it got crazy. It’s taken us a while to recover from the mayhem, but here is a promo clip from the upcoming Ep 22 of the At Home Dad Show. Zach freestyled this song about a surreal experience Baker had many years ago in Hollywood.

Check out Zach at

Zach’s hit podcast: Missi and Zach Might Bang!

Camp Dad with Adam & Baker

Summer is here and Camp Dad is in full swing. Adam takes us through his epic RV trip and how the boys fared that trek. We read listener e-mails and address some of the questions they face about parenting and handling being a stay at home dad. And we hit on the importance of games like “brutal family Sorry”.

A Masterclass in Humanity w/ Daniel Roemer

After a summertime hiatus the show is back and this week full-time SAHD Daniel Roemer takes us through the ups and downs of the foster/adopt process and much more.

Oh Ya, It’s The Tequila Talkin’ w/ Kent Rees

The hysterical Kent Rees, fellow Minnesota homie, brings a bottle to the session resulting in the first episode done under the influence of tequila. This high octane show veers off on strange and fascinating tangents including, but not limited to: Prince’s ashes, Minnesota nice, child barfers, “Operation Don’t Raise A Douchebag”, Organ Trail, TV marketing, Fathers Day, messing up Mother’s Day, existentialist cats and is supper elite?

Allowance Regimes w/ Chris Nowak

One episode wasn’t enough to bring you all Chris Nowak had to offer. In the second half of our conversation, we discuss the best ways to give kids money (and to take it back from them); Chris makes a really, really good argument for letting your kids play football; and Adam and Chris relive the glory of their 50-person ribeye grilling triumph. If you missed Part I, be sure to go back and check it out!


Here’s the article that Chris references in the football discussion:

Can You Poach A Sitter?

This week on the AHDS we’re talkin’ Date Night. Find out which one of us is dropping the ball and whether it really matters or not (according to the statistics!). Plus, the politics of sharing babysitters, nabbing the early bird special, and grocery shopping on a date. We also talk near-death experiences like the time we almost died on Big Bear Lake!

Nutrition w/ Dietitian Amy Schnabel

The Dads sit down with Amy Schnabel, a clinical dietitian with 18 years of experience and two young kids of her own. It’s a fascinating, wide-ranging conversation about all things food and health. Amy shares her genius strategy for getting kids to eat vegetables at every meal. She warns us about “food like substances.” We discuss the importance of the “gut”. And, she lays out an easy-to-follow, four-step plan to improve your health starting today. Don’t miss this important interview!

Episode 12: The Wives Join Us!

This week we sit down with the women who make this all possible—our lovely wives! Find out who’s better at dishwashing and laundry, who’s Good Cop and who’s Bad Cop, and just how much time is devoted to “Lady Upkeep”.